Simple Content Macros for Confluence Cloud

Viusally appealing Confluence pages made easy with advanced macros.

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Fully Customizable Macros

Content macros come with a wide array of customization options, from formatting to colors, to icons.

Pre-made Templates

All macros come with pre-made templates to provide an easy, visually appealing, starting point.

File and Image Integration

Macros integrate with Confluence attachments, allowing you to select existing images for backgrounds, avatars, etc.


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Our documentation

Quick Start to Content Macros

Useful things to know

Simple Macros

Small, simple macros

Advanced Macros

More elaborate macros


You wouldn't use Simple Content Macros instead of standard Confluence macros. You would use them in addition. :)

The regular Confluence macros are great, but they are a bit plain, and somewhat limiting.

Simple Content Macros allows you to make your pages a bit more interesting, or visually appealing, and do things you couldn't normally do with just regular Confluence.


Macros can be used on any page, whether public, or private, or shared with your team.

Kind of.

If you want to nest one of our macros into a standard Confluence macro, then this is partially possible. Specifically, you can add our macros into the Columns/Layout macro, or into a table for example.

You cannot however nest any of our macros into each other. Thus, you cannot place one of our buttons into one of our testimonials for example.

Similarly, you cannot nest our macros into those provided by other apps, or vice versa.

This is primarily due to technial limitations on the Atlassian side. Once Confluence provides this kind of functionality to apps, we will most likely add support for it.


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