General Questions

Simple Content Macros provides a new set of Confluence macros, to allow you to create richer, and more elaborate Confluence pages.

Add buttons, or customer tesimonials, or more advanced headings and dividers, and so on.

You wouldn't use Simple Content Macros instead of standard Confluence macros. You would use them in addition. :)

The regular Confluence macros are great, but they are a bit plain, and somewhat limiting.

Simple Content Macros allows you to make your pages a bit more interesting, or visually appealing, and do things you couldn't normally do with just regular Confluence.

After you've installed the plugin, your Confluence pages will allow you to insert additional macros when editing. These can be found in the regular macro browser, or when typing a slash ( / ) to use autocomplete in the editor.

No, and for the foreseeable future that is unlikely to change.

Unfortuntately, that's the way Atlassian handles all licensing.

Regardless of how many users need an app, you end up having to pay for all users in your Confluence Cloud instance. This behavior is enforced on the Atlassian side, and outside of our control.

Of course!

We are always looking for ways to improve our apps, and the best way to do that is with your input.

Don't hesitate to email us at support@tss.io, and let us know about it.

Using Simple Content Macros

No. Macros are available to any user that can edit a page, without any restriction.


Macros can be used on any page, whether public, or private, or shared with your team.

Sort of. Atlassian has some technial limitations that are not published anywhere.

Confluence pages start breaking down once you add a large number of macros (typically 100+) to a page.

This issue has been around for a few years now, and Atlassian is aware of it. Supposedly, there is a fix in progress for some unknown time in the future.

From our perspective however, there are no limits, and you can add as many macros to a page as you want.

Kind of.

If you want to nest one of our macros into a standard Confluence macro, then this is partially possible. Specifically, you can add our macros into the Columns/Layout macro, or into a table for example.

You cannot however nest any of our macros into each other. Thus, you cannot place one of our buttons into one of our testimonials for example.

Similarly, you cannot nest our macros into those provided by other apps, or vice versa.

This is primarily due to technial limitations on the Atlassian side. Once Confluence provides this kind of functionality to apps, we will most likely add support for it.

Yes. Any of our macros that work with files, will work with your page attachments.

Install / Uninstall / Upgrade

You can install the app directly from your Confluence Cloud instance by visiting the "Apps" page, and searching for "Simple Content Macros" in the "Find new Apps" screen.

Once installed, you're immediately ready to go, and can add Content macros to any of your Confluence pages.

Atlassian provides customers with a Sandbox Confluence Cloud instance. You can install the app there for testing purposes.

Additionally, you could sign up for a new Confluence Cloud evaluation, and install it there as well to test out things.

Confluence Cloud apps are typically upgraded automatically by Atlassian whenever we make a release in the marketplace.

The exception to that is If we require additional permissions from you. In that case, you have to manually upgrade from the "Manage Apps" screen, by clicking the upgrade button, as this grants us the additional permissions we request.

You can uninstall the app from the "Manage Apps" screen, and then reinstall from the Atlassian Marketplace.

Uninstalling the app keeps all the macros stored on your Confluence pages. Thus, if you reinstall the app after uninstalling it, macros will display again.

When you uninstall we hold on to your data until your subscription expires.

Once your subscription (or evaluation) is marked as expired or cancelled, we delete your data within 7 days.

Do note that this only includes the macro configuration data we store on our side. Your Confluence pages remain untouched, and no Confluence content is deleted when you uninstall the app.

Developer / Technical Questions

Macros (along with most of the configuration for each macro) are stored within your Confluence pages. We store additional macro configuration, and app settings in our own database.

We encrypt all data at rest, and backup our data daily.

NOTE: We do not store any of your Confluence content on our servers.

Absolutely not!

We only store configuration data related to our macros, or settings for our app.

We do not store any of your pages, attachments, or any other Confluence data

Since macro configurations are part of each page, they are automatically part of regular Confluence backups.

Additionally, we run our own backups daily.