About Us

We're on a mission to simplify Atlassian products and provide developers and their teams with the tools to make projects less painful.

14Years in Business
100%Remote Employees

Tools are meant to be useful and approachable to every user, not just experts.

Since 2007 we've been helping companies, ranging from small startups, to fortune 1000s, launch their products. From the earliest days of our company, we've been using Atlassian products to mange projects, both internally, and for clients. Of course, things can get really complex, really quickly, and being the pragmatists that we are, we've build plugins, integrations, and other solutions to make life within the Atlassian ecosystem easier.

In 2013, we decided it's time to step out of the shadows, and start building for ourselves and the community, instead of keeping solutions locked away in the confines of our clients. A few months later, Simple Wiki was born. Other plugins followed next.

Over the years, we've been refining our approach and design methodology, to develop clear and beautiful aesthetics, and to create something that, after all, is meant to be used by regular users, and not just experts.

Creative people like you

Founder / CEO

Anthony De Moss

CTO / Lead Developer

Jordan Laramie

Some of our other products

Simple Tasklists

Add simple tasks and checklists anywhere in your Issues. Create Templates for common tasks

Simple Cloud Files

Store Project & Space related files in Amazon S3, and gain unlimited storage

Simple Agile Boards

Create Kanban-style boards with arbitrary columns & swimlanes to organize your issues. It's like having Trello right inside Jira.

Simple Announcements

Display Announcement Banners in Jira Dashboards, Issues, and Service Desk, as well as your Confluence Cloud Pages.

Simple Team Pages

Create rich pages for your projects. Collaborate on project notes, roadmaps, and other team documentation.

Simple Responses

Save time and effort answering Jira Issues and Support tickets with reusable Response Templates.